PBE offers Europes leading range of Hot Foil Stamping equipment, purpose built in-house to fulfill all customers’ needs.


Our range of Hot Foil Stamping machines include:


Hot Foil Marking Machine
  • 2000 Series
    The compact direct acting range of Hot Foil Stamping machines
  • 3000 Series
    The compact toggle acting range of Hot Foil Stamping machines
  • 4000 Series
    The compact crate and box marking range of Hot Foil Stamping machines
  • "A" Touch Screen Control
    The user-friendly programmable control system


Features include:

  • Pressure from 500 to 30,000kg.
  • Direct-action and Toggle presets.
  • Stroke size from 25mm to 150mm, with micrometer adjustment to 0.1mm for calibration
  • Numeric computerised drives are utilised for precise control to mark round, oval and complex shapes.
  • Transfer Index Unit registration systems for precision foil indexing and accurate placement of transfers and hologram.
  • All machines have an off-the-shelf control system with a touch screen operator interface. Our technical support team, with customer input, has designed the most user friendly system available.
  • All process parameters – foil length, temperature, dwell time, batch size – can be logged under easily retrievable stored programmes.
  • Our standard range covers:
    Flat and sheet materials.
    Small injection moulded parts, including periphery marking and multicurved shapes.
    Containers, crates and refuse containers.

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